The Secret To Moving Up In The Bet365 Poker Grand National Leaderboard

Grand National Bet365 Poker Leaderboard Points

bet365 Poker – Grand National Leaderboard – Take the reins, jockey for a spot on the Grand National Leaderboard and win up to €2,000 cash!

Receive leaderboard points when you win hands after the flop, the stronger your hand, the more points you get. Place on the leaderboard to spin the Sweepstake Wheel and receive a horse in the Grand National. Win a cash prize according to where your horse finishes in the race. Promotion runs from 1st until 9th April 2022. Time limits, leaderboard restrictions and T&Cs apply.

Bet365 Grand National bonus promotion

Significant Terms and Conditions

  • Grand National Leaderboard runs from 10:00 GMT on 1st April until 14:30 GMT on 9th April 2022.
  • In order to earn points towards the Grand National Leaderboard, you must play on No Limit Hold’em Premium Cash tables with minimum blinds of €0.05/€0.10 or in Twister tournaments with a minimum buy-in of €5.
  • Points will be awarded during your first 100 hands of any game/tournament type and are awarded based on the strength of your five-card poker hand, after the flop. For a breakdown of points, please see the Leaderboard Points Breakdown table in the Full Terms and Conditions below.
  • Leaderboard points are only accumulated on hands which progress past the flop. Points collect over a sequence of 100 consecutive hands, and the hand-count increases even if a player folds pre-flop. Only the winning hand will receive the corresponding leaderboard points for that hand. If the winning five-card hands are exactly the same, the pot is split and all players will receive the corresponding number of leaderboard points. The leaderboard is automatically updated after the hand is complete. Leaderboard information can be found in the poker software.
  • You can choose to restart your first 100 hands at any point. This will clear all points gained on the Grand National Leaderboard and you will restart on zero points.
  • The Sweepstake Wheel can award a maximum of one horse per player. All Sweepstake Prize Wheel spins awarded from leaderboard placement are credited automatically to your account at 14:30 GMT on 9th April and available spins can be viewed by clicking on the prize wheel icon in the Missions section of the poker software. Sweepstake Prize Wheel spins can be used before or after the race until they expire at 23:59 GMT on 16th April 2022.
  • You will be required to spin the Sweepstake Wheel twice in order to receive one horse in the Grand National Steeplechase. The Sweepstake Wheel is made up of 40 horses, which is split into four segments of 10. On your first spin you will be allocated one of those segments and on your second spin you will be given the name of your horse, which will appear on the ticket in the My Account section of the poker software. This ticket cannot be used to participate in any tournament or cash game and will be removed from your tickets section within seven days of the race finishing.
  • All players with a horse in the sweepstake will receive a cash prize determined by which position the horse finishes in the Grand National. You can view the full prize structure in the table above.
  • This offer is only available to new and eligible customers.

For more information, visit the Bet365 Poker website.